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Nexus 10

nexus 10

A Happy Holidays video posted by Google reveals an audio dock for the Google Nexus 10. One of the problems about such a leak is that it doesn't come with any information outside of the sight of someone sliding the tablet into the dock. While ASUS made the audio dock for the 7 inch ASUS built Google Nexus 7 tablet, it would seem natural if Samsung is behind the audio dock for the 10-inch Google Nexus 10, which is manufactured by the Korean tech giant.


Nexus 10

The Google Nexus 10 audio dock makes a couple of appearances at 0:57 and at 1:16 on the video. It is not a large accessory, but does have a raised back to hold up the HD 10.1 inch screen.



lg nexus 4



Google is airing a cool new Christmas-themed ad promoting its latest Nexus phone, LG Neuxs 4. The ad shows the Nexus 4 taking a Photo Sphere of the entire family, gathered around a Christmas tree.


lg nexus 4

Google urges us to rethink the family photo concept entirely by using Photo Sphere. The problem is that you need special software to view the Photo Sphere and it's not like you can print it and place it above the fireplace.



Nexus 4 LTE

LG Google Nexus 4 doesn't officially supports LTE, the device's technical Specs includes a deactivated LTE-antenna that operates on a 1700MHz band only.

Some hackers over the XDA turned it "ON" and it workds on AT&T's 4G network. which supports the 1700MHz Band 4, specifically in these cities only:

- Athens, GA

- Charlotte, NC

- Chicago, IL

- Dallas, TX

- College Station, TX

- Las Vegas, NV

- Los Angeles, CA

- Oklahoma City, OK

- Phoenix, AZ

- Raleigh, NC

- San Juan, Puerto Rico



Nexus 4



The Google Nexus 4 was back on sale this afternoon at the Google Play Store. Only thing is, it was the Canadian version of the Google Play Store that had the sizzling hot handset back in stock.

Google had sent out emails to those interested in the device to alert them that it would be offered for sale starting at 12 Noon PST on Monday, which was 3PM on the East coast. The price for the 8GB version of the phone is $309 Canadian Dollars ($311 USD), while the 16GB model is $359 Canadian Dollars ($362 USD).



Nexus 7 dock

The ASUS Japan website reveals an upcoming Audio docking station for the Google Nexus 7. The dock offers a USB port and a 3.5mm jack and the tablet plugs into the dock in landscape orientation. It will sell for 3,480 Japanese Yen which sounds like a lot of money, but is equivalent to $49 USD.


nexus 7 dock


The docking station will be offered for sale in the beginning of next month.


nexus 7 dock



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