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If you already have a Samsung Galaxy S III with its pre-installed Flipboard app, maybe this story won't excite you too much, but for the rest of the Android using world... Flipboard, the styled RSS reader is Now Officially Available for Android and is in the Google Play Store awaiting your download, So Hit the link Below!


Flipboard Android

Flipboard was originally launched in 2010 for the Apple iPad and then released last year for the Apple iPhone, the app lets you view your Twitter feeds and RSS news feeds in a magazine-style format. With the Android update comes a widget that updates with new stories and updates. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said that Android demand for the app was "astonishing".


Download Flipboard for Android


Flipbaord for Android [Play]



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Flipboard Android

The Samsung Galaxy S III came with the Flipboard App Exclusively, Flipboard is one of the prettiest ways to get the news on your mobile device. It works brilliantly on the iPhone, but what holds it from arriving on all Android devices? Turns out, that it is indeed coming to all Androids soon, but it is just that the developers behind it need to take their time to ensure that it works properly across all screen sizes that Android offers.


flipboard for Android


Flipboard is launching very soon on the Google PLAY Store and will be Available for devices, for Now we got an EXCLUSIVE Beta release of Flipboard for Androidas Our [App Of The Week]. You can Get the APK from the link Below. Enjoy!


Download Flipboard for Android


Flipboard for Android [APK]



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