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The iPhone 4G seems to attract problems. First, the phone was leaked long before Apple wanted it to be. Then, the iPhone 4G problems came in pre-ordering and delivery. Next, white iPhone 4G problems abounded. Now, the final straw, iPhone 4G reception is proving problematic.

iPhone 4G problems: Reception

Though the design of the iPhone 4G is geared toward actually improving the reception of the phone, many users have been discovering a quirk. The steel-band antenna around the iPhone 4G quickly kills all reception if a user touches the bottom-left corner of the phone. Apple’s solution to this problem is simply “just don’t hold the phone that way.” You could also spend money above and beyond the phone, iPhone apps, your data plan and your voice plan to get a case. Either way, the iPhone 4G reception problems appear to be an Apple-admitted design flaw. Perhaps duct tape would fix it?

iPhone 4G problems: Colors

Sure, there isn’t any difference in the technology behind the iPhone 4G black and iPhone 4G white, but there are “manufacturing issues.” The promised iPhone 4G white will not be available for at least a few more weeks, if not months.

iPhone 4G problems: Ordering and delivery

Though the problems with the iPhone 4G ordering and delivery are slowly working themselves out, it has been a long time coming. The promised delivery date for the iPhone 4G was changed several times. First, the online AT&T store crashed. Then, the Apple store shut down orders. Next, the delivery date was pushed back. Even still, some customers were told they had successfully pre-ordered a phone when they hadn’t, and visa versa. Finally, FedEx appeared to have iPhone 4G problems of its own — with delivery happening only sometimes.

iPhone 4G problems to come?

The iPhone 4G problems stem, partially, from the extreme demand for the device. However, there are structural problems that the iPhone 4G has which simply are not being fixed. IPhone 4G reception being killed by how most people hold the phone is a design “feature” that has existed since the last incarnation. Not having reception may be a good thing though — because AT&T’s new data plans are structured in a way that you will be able to download maybe 2 TV episodes before you go over data allowances for the month.

Are you having iPhone 4G problems? How have you fixed them?

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