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Huawei's making some horrendous memories in Western Europe


In the beginning of the smartphone industry, Chinese organizations like Huawei weren't generally really thought about as well. They generally depicted themselves as the less expensive option in contrast to brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, etc, however that changed in the ongoing years where we've seen Huawei consistently climb the positions.


Exactly when it seemed as though things were ready for Huawei and other Chinese organizations to overwhelm the market, the US put it on its Entity List, viably fixing the organization's smartphone business, and those impacts can obviously be found in the Western European market where Huawei's smartphones saw a decrease in shipment of near 60%.


The organization is said to have sold an expected 2.5 million smartphones in Q3 2020, versus the 6.2 million they did in the earlier year. It likewise observed Huawei's piece of the pie decrease extensively where it dropped from 20% to a simple 8.8%. While this just speaks to Western Europe, it is likewise presumably pertinent to different business sectors the organization works in.


While we can't contest the equipment of Huawei's phones, the absence of admittance to Google's applications and administrations have no uncertainty deflected existing clients and new clients from buying the organization's gadgets. Except if the US government has a difference in heart, or if Huawei can persuade its clients and the remainder of the world that its Harmony OS merits exchanging over from Android, the future absolutely looks disheartening for the organization.

Huawei P50 series will purportedly utilize the Kirin chipsets


The US sanctions against Huawei presently can't seem to be lifted, and last we heard, Huawei could run into issues delivering its Kirin chipset and might need to look for options from any semblance of Qualcomm or MediaTek, however evidently that won't influence the organization's 2021 lead smartphone, the Huawei P50.


In the event that the report from Korean distribution The Elec is exact, it appears to be that the P50 will utilize Huawei's Kirin 9000 chipset. Clearly when confronted with sanctions, Huawei chose to store an enormous number of Kirin 9000 chipsets from TSMC, which thus would permit them to utilize it in their P50 smartphone.


One of the "escape clauses" of the authorizations is that Huawei isn't permitted to deliver/purchase any longer bits of innovation from US organizations or organizations that depend on US innovation. It does, nonetheless, permit the organization to utilize what's now been delivered, so storing the Kirin 9000 chipset lets Huawei work around that issue.


We don't know the number of units the organization has amassed and what will occur if request surpasses gracefully. We envision that the organization presumably didn't store enough to cover the Mate series that should dispatch later in 2021, so it will be intriguing to perceive what they will do at that point.



Huawei officially confirmed the release of another smartphone that will be hitting the market alongside another smartphone - the Huawei Mate 40. The mate 40 series is the next smartphone series of the earlier Huawei Mate 30 and Huawei Mate 30 pro E. The phone was first known with a code-named LIO-ANoom as per the ministry of internet industry and information technology informatics. According to the report, the specs are almost the same as the previous one.


Huawei Mate 40 series will be launched on October 22, as per official announcement. Both the Huawei Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro are expected to be announced during the event. The devices are powered by Kirin 9000 SoC processor, which is the last processor due to the US sanctions carrying TSMC chips. Both are rumored to have 50MP rear cameras, in addition to an 80MP ultra-wide camera for Mate 40 pro. The design will be similar to Mate 30 series from the past, with a massive circular camera bump on the back housing.


As per the reports, the phone features a curved display screen with bangs. The phone comes with a pre-built sky blue cover. The upcoming device will contain a circular camera housing with 32MP to 40MP camera sensor. The phone will feature a 6.53-inch OLED display with Kirin 990 processor with 5G network support. The device has a high refresh rate up to 60Hz. Huawei powered the phone with 40W fast charging that can charge 4,400mAh battery in less than half-hour. The design resembles the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, with a 5G version. We don't know the price yet, but the basic features of the phone hint an affordable price range for the phone.


2021 may be an awful year for Huawei, yet perhaps not for Oppo


Once upon a time, Chinese handset producers like Huawei had gained notoriety for making modest/reasonable Android telephones that weren't anything to yell at, however its cost was speaking to the individuals who would not like to spend a lot of cash on a cell phone. Huawei played the long game and it took care of where the organization surpassed any semblance of Apple and Samsung to accept the main spot as the world's huge cell phone creator.


The entirety of that is relied upon to change in 2021, at any rate that is the thing that a report from DigiTimes is proposing. In view of their examination, the distribution appears to have a skeptical viewpoint for Huawei where they accept that because of the US sanctions against the organization, Huawei could slip from the lead position right down to seventh spot.


This thus would permit different organizations to have its spot, where it is accepted that it could be a shot in the dark between Samsung or Apple, and all the more strangely, Oppo could really slide into third.


While one could contend that Huawei actually holds a great deal of allure in non-US advertises, the authorizations implies that Huawei will be compelled to keep utilizing non-Google administrations for their telephones. Given that aspect of the draw of Android is Google's administrations, we envision that there will be in excess of a couple of clients who should think about other Chinese cell phone marks.


It is not yet clear if these forecasts will worked out, however what do you think? Does Huawei actually have enough clout to clutch the main position?


mate 40 pro


Huawei usually announces two premium smartphone series every year: The P series and the Mate series. The P series has already arrived in the market in the early months, while the Mate series is still on the hold and we can expect it somewhere in the second half of the year. With the Huawei P series already being announced, all tech enthusiasts are waiting for the Mate series. Especially, with the Trump administration's actions against Huawei, things are quite interesting with the Chinese smartphone users, as nothing to seem to stop the company from rising against the odds.


The Huawei Mate 10 was the first phone in the series and was introduced almost 3 years ago in 2017. The Mate 20 was launched in the next year in October 2018 , and the Mate 30 series was introduced in September 2019. This gives us a hint that the Mate 40 series might launch somewhere in October, as rumors suggest. While we don't have any official announcement or date yet, we can assume easily that the phone will be launched in near future.


The Huawei Mate 30 was initially priced around €799, while the Pro model started at €1099. The Mate 30 Pro with 5G was sold at €1199. We are expecting something similar pricing model for this year's Huawei Mate 40 series smartphones. The Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro will have prominent camera housing at the rear side with possibly a triple camera for the vanilla model and a quad camera for Mate 40 Pro smartphone. As per rumors, the Huawei Mate 40 will have a 6.4-inch or 6.67-inch display with 90Hz refresh rate.


Mate 40 will be using the Kirin 9000. With the US trade ban in place, companies can't manufacture any new chip and as per resources, this is the last phone from the company that will use already-stockpiled chips. The Mate 40 offers 6/8GB of RAM and Mate 40 Pro comes with the higher 12GB option. In terms of battery, we expect to see at least 4,000mAh or 5,000mAh battery. To answer your curiosity, as we all know, there won't be any Google Apps or services. Which means you can't use apps like Whatsapp or banking apps.


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