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OnePlus offering lifetime warranty for devices with green line display issues


Display issues on smartphones aren't new. They pop up from time to time, but sometimes trying to get support for your affected device can be tricky. In some cases, companies might be more than happy to replace it for free, but other times, they may not, especially if it is out of warranty.


That being said, Samsung could definitely take a page out of OnePlus' playbook. OnePlus has confirmed to Android Authority that they will be offering lifetime warranties for devices affected by the green line display problem, although it seems that for now, it will only be available to customers in India. According to the statement:


"We realize that this issue has caused a great deal of inconvenience to the affected users, and we apologize for it. In line with our unwavering commitment, we encourage users to visit the nearest OnePlus service centre for device diagnosis, and we will provide free screen replacement for all devices affected by the situation. On select OnePlus 8 and 9 Series devices, we are also offering a voucher that will provide the user with a fair percentage of the device value to upgrade to a new OnePlus device. In light of the current situation, we are now offering lifetime screen warranty on all affected devices. Thank you for your understanding and support."


It should be noted that the lifetime warranty covers any OnePlus phone affected by the issue. This is perfect as it would give current and future customers peace of mind knowing that the company is backing their products when they buy it. As for plans to bring this program to other markets, the company has not said anything yet but hopefully they will.

The OnePlus Open could be less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


The issue with foldable phones is that they are for the most part lovely costly. Investigate the as of late launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 which costs near the $2,000 mark. Fortunately, it appears to be that the impending OnePlus Open could be a more reasonable option for the individuals who favor the structure factor.


This depends on a post by insider Yogesh Brar who guarantees that the OnePlus Open could cost under ₹1.2L, which after change is generally around $1,450. Contrasted with other foldables comparable, this puts the OnePlus Open around $300 less expensive, however at that point once more, we ought to take note of that immediate transformations don't necessarily sort out as the handset could be evaluated contrastingly when it raises a ruckus around town (and other) market.



That being said, we're not excessively certain about the specs of the phone yet and assuming there may be some sort of give and take OnePlus needed to make to bring its cost lower than the opposition. Up to this point the tales are proposing that we could be taking a gander at first in class equipment like the utilization of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, 12GB of Smash, 120Hz revive rates for its presentation, etc, stuff you could anticipate from a leader in 2023.


Anyway we'll need to trust that the authority declaration will figure out more, however don't pause your breathing right now as there have been bits of hearsay recommending that because of QC issues, the phone's launch could have been deferred.

The OnePlus Open launch could have been postponed


Recently, OnePlus affirmed their plans for a foldable phone yet avoided saying when it would be launched. The last we heard, it was evidently booked for a Q3 launch, or all the more explicitly, a launch towards the finish of August. Presently it appears as though that may not be going on any longer.


This is as per a tweet by insider Max Jambor who guarantees that the launch could have been deferred. It appears to be that this is because of QC issues where OnePlus wasn't content with the screens that they were provided, which obviously were coming from BOE. Presently it seems as though OnePlus could be obtaining them from Samsung all things being equal.



Moving to something else entirely could imply that this deferral could be longer than we would like, yet precisely the way in which long this postpone will be is not yet clear. The potential gain is that the new shows are being obtained from Samsung who have been involving them for their own foldable phones, so ideally we'll get shows that are comparable to Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip phones.


While it is frustrating to catch wind of an expected postponement, it's likewise great since we'd prefer OnePlus take care of business instead of hurrying out an item. The OnePlus Open will be the organization's most memorable foldable phone, so it means quite a bit to establish a decent first connection. Regardless, we'll keep our eyes and ears stripped for more data about the new day for launch, so seek out us sometime in the future for the subtleties.

OnePlus attacks Samsung's new foldables


OnePlus had recently affirmed that they are dealing with their very own foldable phone, however the name of the gadget has escaped us this while, so many have taken to calling it the OnePlus Fold.


It seems as though we really want to begin calling it by an alternate name in light of the fact that in a post by OnePlus on X, the organization could have affirmed the name of their phone, which will probably be known as the OnePlus Open.



The post likewise is by all accounts ripping into Samsung who had recently declared their most recent foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The dig at Samsung has no hostility, however it most certainly felt like OnePlus was attempting to get in on the publicity and perhaps take a touch of the spotlight off Samsung.


There is at present no authority day for kickoff for the OnePlus Open, however the bits of gossip have shown that it could happen this August. It will be fascinating to perceive how the handset will charge against Samsung's most recent foldables. The bits of hearsay case that the handset could share a comparative plan as Oppo's foldables, which isn't shocking given that they are under a similar parent organization, yet the reality of the situation will surface eventually so seek out us one month from now for the subtleties.

We Could See the OnePlus 12 this December


Some time back, we got expression of what the impending OnePlus 12 could resemble, after a few plan renders advanced toward the web. Following this, a web-based post by tech essayist Max Jambor focuses to a potential day for kickoff this year, which could occur later in December.


So, this new post affirms the anticipated December day for kickoff, which was posted several months sooner by tech witness Yogesh Brar, who similarly anticipates that the OnePlus 12 should make its introduction this year.



A couple of days prior, a few pictures of the OnePlus 12 were distributed online by OnLeaks and tech website Smartprix, which shows a somewhat recognizable looking equipment plan. In light of the renders, it seems as though the 12 will hold the general look of the OnePlus 11, right down to the camera module, which accompanies a very much like plan, particularly with an off kilter situation and the roundabout island.


Concerning equipment, online breaks foresee that the phone will accompany the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, close by a bended 2K presentation produced by Samsung, a 50MP Sony IMX9 fundamental camera, a 50MP wide-point focal point, and a 64MP periscope zooming focal point. The phone is likewise supposed to pack a 5,000 mAh battery, with help for 150W charging speeds.

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