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HTC launch the One M9 with 32GB internal storage along with microSD support up to 128GB. However, According to HTC ROM developer @LlabTooFeR, the HTC One M9 will also have a 64 GB variant. Reportedly, this should be launched "later this year" in selected markets worldwide.


Both the One (M8) and One (M7) offer two storage capacities, so we're not really surprised to hear that the One M9 won't come in just a 32 GB variant. Obviously, the One M9 64 GB should be a bit more expensive than the regular 32 GB model, possibly costing $50 or $100 more.


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Moto X Pure Edition


Motorola has introduced a new variant of the Moto X Pure Edition. For an extra $50 over the 32GB variant, you can get the new 64GB variant for $599.99.


The 64GB model is only available in the SIM-free unlocked Pure Edition model through Motorola's website. If you want it on a contract, you will have to choose between the 16GB and 32GB models only.


If you are looking for only the unlocked model, however, it makes sense to get the 64GB model as the Moto X has no microSD card slot so you can't expand the memory later if you want.


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