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While it is true that Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus had already closed the gap between their flagship products and that of their big-name competitors like Samsung and Sony by a lot, the cameras were still better on the higher priced devices till last year, albeit by a somewhat small margin in some cases. However, it looks like the Mi 8 has just managed close off that gap as well.

DxOMark Image Labs is the standard for camera benchmarks that is accepted by experts and consumers alike and it has just given the Xiaomi Mi 8 the same score as the Galaxy S9 Plus. At 99, both smartphones are tied for the fourth spot, with the Pixel 2 and the iPhone X following close behind with 98 and 97 respectively. In case you are wondering which smartphones are filling the positions of 1,2 and 3, they are the Huawei P20 Pro (109), HTC U12+ (103) and the Huawei P20 (102). We guess the excuse for buying similar hardware with double the price is starting to look weaker and weaker with every passing year.

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In all the confusion and excitement that comes with the Galaxy Note 8 leaks, what we almost forget at times is the very fact for which it's called a "Note." Yes, we are talking about the stylus here today and thanks to SlashLeaks, we are getting our first look at the S-Pen. Before reading anymore, take a good look at the pictures here and decide if you think that this is the real deal.


Do you think it is indeed the S-Pen from the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 or does it look way too much like the one that came with the Galaxy Note 7? Well to be honest I can't really tell, given that the pictures have deliberately been blurred. Yes I said deliberately because I refuse to believe that someone with access to a Galaxy Note 8's stylus did not have access to a camera that could click a decently focused photograph in what clearly is a well-lit environment! Even then, this live image would not have been so suspicious had it not been for the fact that the S-Pen is more likely to be redesigned this year to accommodate the significant changes on the Galaxy Note 8's physical structure.

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