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At the end of January, Google noted that its latest Android operating system, Android Marshmallow, has now gained a 1% market share. This means that out of all the previously released Android versions, its most recent OS has grabbed a single percentage share (actually 1.2% and rising) of the billion plus Android devices out in the world.

Marshmallow was released four months ago, so the 1% market share might not seem that great. The main two hurdles with increasing the market share of the latest Android OS are:

1. New devices being loaded with Android Marshmallow;
2. Device manufacturers updating their OS skins & supplying updates to customers.

In the case of the first point, stores will want to sell out their existing stock before pushing the latest devices. This means that most devices available for sale will still have Android Lollipop loaded. For most phone and tablet users, they haven't even heard of Marshmallow yet.

With the second point, manufacturers are typically quite slow in updating their altered versions of Android. With Samsung, their TouchWiz skin overlay has to be tested to be compatible with the new version of Android. As a result, updates to the core operating system are slow to come, and on older devices, sometimes don't appear at all.

Both of these issues make the adoption of the latest Marshmallow version of Android a slow-going matter.



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