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The BlendJet Portable blender has been around for a while now, and although more than just a few manufacturers have copied their original design since then, it remains one of the best options for a portable blender in the market even today. Stay with us as we go through some of the features and our own experiences with the blender.

Tech Specs: It's a Powerful but Safe Little Kitchen Tool

Back when the portable blender from BlendJet was first launched, it was one of its kind. Admittedly, that advantage does not apply anymore, but this powerful little machine is still one of the most functional, and yet simple portable blenders of its kind. Check out the technical specs and color options below, before we delve deeper into the review. 

  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 9"

  • It comes in 14 colors: our favorites are purple, violet, blue, cyan, green, grey, white, black, red and pink

  • A powerful 5V Motor

  • 6-point 304 blades made from stainless steel

  • 2,000mAh battery with USB-port charging (Takes 3 hours to charge from 0% - 100%)

  • Single-button operation

  • BPA free, food grade plastic and metal body

  • There's a strainer lid built inside to keep drinks from becoming too chunky

  • The motor will automatically shut down to prevent accidents and damage to the blender, on sensing overload or misassembled of parts

Simplicity, Portability and Functionality


BlendJet designed the portable blender to help us make quick smoothies, shakes and baby food on the go; all of which the little machine is perfectly capable of getting done in or under the one-and-a-half-minute mark (per cup). The single button, press and release system makes blending stuff pretty much as simple as it can possibly get, but do keep in mind that this is not a big, full-sized kitchen blender and don't treat it as such.

If you put all your ingredients and ice into it at the same time and in the wrong order, don't expect the hand blender to perform in the same way that a large kitchen blender would. Make no mistake, the BlendJet portable blender can most certainly crush ice with ease, thanks to the 5V motor and its 6-point, 304 stainless steel blades. However, things will take significantly longer to get done, if you pile too much of everything into the cup, without following any of the instructions.

On the other hand, when we did follow the instructions stated by them quite clearly on the website and inside the manual, BlendJet's classic, portable blender functioned admirably. We have listed down a few tips for your convenience next. Don't learn it the hard way like we did!

  • On full charge, the blender can be used for blending 10 - 12 cups, so at least charge it for an hour before starting

  • The main trick is to add all liquids and semi-liquids (water, milk, juice, pulpy juice, fresh cream, etc.) necessary for the recipe, into the blender first

  • Another neat little trick is to simply turn the blender upside down after filling and closing the lid

  • This allows the blades to instantly reach their maximum speed due to a lack of friction

  • Now when you put it right side up again, the fully powered blades will blend through, a lot faster

  • If you cut your fruits and veggies into smaller pieces, the blender will work faster through them

  • When possible, blend ice separately and do so with a lot of water

  • To avoid accidental overloads, pay attention and leave some room above before starting the blades

Should You Buy It?

The answer completely depends on your usage, rather than the product itself. The real question is, do you have use for a portable blender? If that's an affirmative then the answer would have to be a confident yes from our side as well!

There are hardly any products out there that can outmatch the original BlendJet Portable Blender, especially considering the price-to-performance ratio. This means that BlendJet is the perfect choice, if you could benefit from a portable and powerful hand blender. Even if you are not a frequent traveler, the silent, small blender is an incredibly useful tool for catering to quick blending needs in any kitchen.


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