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Now that we know how the iPhone 8 or 7S will look, it's time to concentrate on the Galaxy Note 8; Samsung's upcoming stylus wielding handset which could be showcased next month. Famous YouTube channel and concept maker, who is aptly named as Concept Creator, brings to us this stunning 3D video of the Galaxy Note 8 that you see here today. While it's only based on rumors and leaks at this point of time, I don't think it would be a stretch to state that this is how the actual device will look like when it comes out, more or less!

The question is, would you be buying one of these for the exorbitant $1,100+ price tag (as stated by Evan Blass) at which Samsung will likely be selling these in most regions outside South Korea? Keep in mind that even in its home country, the Galaxy Note 8 will not be retailing at a price below $1,000+! Let us know what you think about the concept in the comments below.

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