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For the last week or so, Samsung has been rolling out a brand new update with the April security patch, and unknown to many, it also contains a much needed camera update.

Once you have installed the update via OTA or manually, the default front camera FOV (Fielf-of-View) changes to 68-degrees, but can easily be changed to the 80-degree wide-angle view if you want, which was the only option for the selfie-cam prior to the update. While the wide-angle lens is always going to be more useful for group selfies, the narrower angle is more suited for taking actual selfies with you as the main subject.

The update was first released in Germany, but it has now made its way into other parts of Europe such as Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands and UK. Thailand and Cambodia are also getting the same update in Asia.

In addition to the security patches of April from Google and Samsung, this package also enables users to set a timer for the night-mode to come on automatically on the Note 9. All of these were already present on the Galaxy S10, but now the Note 9 and the S9-series has them too.

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