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Google has just announced Inbox By Gmail Today. It's a new take on email, dubbed Inbox. The Free app/service includes reminders, bundles similar messages together and highlights important messages. Inbox looks like a cross between Mailbox and Google Now.


An Assists feature attaches relevant information, such as telephone numbers, opening hours and maps, to your reminders and emails. Inbox is invite-only at the moment, but you can request one from inbox@google.com or get one from a friend who has invites to spare. The service will be available on the Web (Chrome only), iOS 7+ and Android 4.1+. Versions for tablets and other modern browsers are also in the works.




Google doesn't intend for Inbox to replace Gmail. Actions you take in either product will show up in the other. Inbox uses your existing Gmail and Google usernames.


Inbox highlights the key information from important messages, such as flight itineraries, event information, and photos and documents emailed to you by friends and family. Inbox will even display useful information from the web that wasn't in the original email, such as the real-time status of your flights and package deliveries. Highlights and Bundles work together to give you just the information you need at a glance. Find More info on Google.com/Inbox.




Inbox By Gmail [Play]



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