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As per reports of Q1 2016, the Galaxy S7 is a huge hit for Samsung. In just March, Samsung has sold off around 10 million Galaxy S7 devices and that alone is quite a milestone. As if that was not enough, reports suggest that in the first quarter of the year, Samsung has managed to sell double the number of smartphones as Apple.

Global leader in the smartphone business and its market share just became even bigger. Samsung now holds 27.8% of the market after selling 81 million units in Q1, 2016 alone. Apple is a distant second with a market share of 14.4% and a Q1 sales number of 42 million units. Huawei (9.3%) is in the third position after Apple right now, followed by Lenovo (5.8%), Xiaomi (5.5%) and LG (5.1%) respectively.

The Korean electronics giant's market share increased by 2.5% from last year's Q4, but the 5.7% increase from Q1, 2015 seems even more impressive. If you are in any doubt regarding the massive success of the Galaxy S7, just take in the fact that the difference in market share between Samsung and Apple was just 1.2% in Q4, 2015 and it skyrocketed to 13% after Q1, 2016! As the S7 and S7 Edge were released in March, the math isn't that hard to figure out. It just gets to show that if you release a product that delivers in every front, even a global decline in the smartphone business cannot really stop you from making immense profits.



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