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soundhound 6.3.0

SoundHound ∞ is an an app that you can use to recognize those songs you hear playing in the background, whether it's in a commercial or in a department store.


SoundHound has just got a major UI design overhaul, You can now access the search and navigation buttons from anywhere just by swiping from the right. When you're on the home screen, you can view your recent searches and see what's currently popular. Or you can just tap that big orange icon to start listening for sounds.




SoundHound ∞ 6.3 Change-log:

- Fresh new look for faster music discovery.

- New colorful and dynamic listening screen animation.

- Quickly access the Search button and navigation from anywhere in the app by swiping right.

- On the home screen you can now scroll to explore your search history, hear what's popular, view top videos, discover music on the rise and more.


Soundhound 6.3

SoundHound ∞ 6.3 [Play]

SoundHound ∞ 6.3 [APK]



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