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Having 100% of the market profits is what every company dreams of but even in their happiest dreams, it may seem quite inconceivable that a single company will scoop up more than one hundred percent of the entire operating profit in the business! Nevertheless, that's exactly what Apple has achieved in Q3 2016 as it has managed to net 103.6% of the entire sum of operating profits in the smartphone business globally.

Although it may seem like a mathematical impossibility at first, things become a bit clearer once you consider the actual situation. The number went up above the 100% mark because of the fact that Apple has even managed to net in the money that other manufacturers have lost during the quarter. The likes of HTC and LG has suffered significant losses during the quarter and although Samsung did manage to stay at the number 2 position with a comparatively sad profit of about 0.9%, we now know where most of the money that they lost during the Note 7 debacle went to!

BMO Capital Markets reported the entire scenario, along with also mentioning that Samsung still is the global king of smartphones with a market share of 21.7%, followed by Apple at about half of that (13.2%). Personally, I cannot help but notice that this awe-inspiring percentage also has a lot to do with the tremendous profit margin which Apple has on each of its products.

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