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As August 2 draws ever so close, we prepare ourselves for Samsung's most powerful smartphone this year, in the form of the Galaxy Note 7. Olixar had given away a lot when it first listed the covers for the Galaxy Note 7 just a while ago, but just recently, even more was revealed when they uploaded images while listing a tempered glass for the upcoming Note 7. The image clearly shows an USB Type-C port on the smartphone, as we had been reporting all along.

The images also show us the Galaxy Note 7's iris scanner, regular headphone jack, bottom firing speaker, ambient light sensor and the selfie cam. The S-Pen can be seen tucked away into its slot at the bottom right. The general consensus is that Samsung will unveil a brand new iteration of their Gear VR headset and that will use USB Type-C top connect to the Note 7. The new VR headset is also rumoured to be unveiled at the press conference on August 2, along with the next Note. Do you like the new USB Type-C port or would you have preferred the older micro-USB port instead?

Author: Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Much to the dismay of a majority of users, companies are starting to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack. LeEco, Apple, HTC and Moto have already removed the long-standard from most of their recent smartphones and Samsung is rumoured to do the same, starting with the Galaxy S8. However, images of a conceptual Galaxy S8 case have surfaced on the internet, which claims that is not quite the "case" yet (pardon the pun).

The leaked render comes from Slashleaks, and it shows us quite a few details about the upcoming flagship from Samsung. A piece of warning though, it is quite common for renders and so called "leaks" to come out claiming a lot before a major handset is revealed to the public. The problem is a lot of them turn out to be just hoax.

1. The 3.5mm jack is retained at the bottom, slightly to the left from the middle.
2. Both the volume keys and the power button can be seen at the left side, differing from what we have seen so far with Samsung.
3. The single rear camera sensor is in its usual position, with the (possible) heart-rate monitor placed just above it.
4. The micro-SD card slot is retained as expected.
5. A USB Type-C port at the bottom right and a speaker grill at the bottom left.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

LG Nexus 4


Thanks to the hard work of very talented developers over at the XDA-Developers community, the LG Nexus 4 has received Android 5.0 Lollipop earlier than Google is rolling it out officially. In addition, you can now get all of the Google apps with the updated looks on your own phone.


However, only rooted users may apply and the apps won't work on all smartphones. Currently, the latest Material Design Google apps that are available as downloadable .apk files include Play Music, Play Books, Keep, Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Maps, Messenger and Fit.


Before downloading and flashing, make sure that you're smartphone has root permissions and that you've read the source link Topic.


Source (XDA)


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