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Rumors are circling from reliable sources that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be seen on European shores shortly, but without its younger cousin, the Note Edge+ version. The Note 6 is now expected to be sold in the UK in August, according to an internal UK network operator source who has been privy to the future plans of the network.

This is a change in strategy from the Korean electronics giant which did the opposite in Europe for the Note 5 and S6 edge+ previously. Customers were unhappy about that decision and clearly Samsung were listening.

The sales of the S6 edge+ haven't been stellar according to certain sources. Clearly Samsung is having a rethink about where the edge series is most likely to find success rather than releasing it far and wide. This won't suit consumers who like to be presented with the most options available, but for a company with its seemingly endless handset variations, this kind of adjustment almost seems inevitable.

The Galaxy S7 is expected to arrive near the middle of this year and its 5.5-inch screen size isn't thought to be much smaller than with the Galaxy S7 edge+. This lack of differentiation coupled with the higher price for the edge+ range could well be the reason why sales of the edge+ haven't impressed lately.



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