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Forgetting our passwords is something that most of us have faced at one point of time or the other, but Samsung might be preparing a solution for their forgetful customers according to a new patent which they have filed. Apparently, Samsung is developing technology which will allow for palm scanning to help you remember your password.

As far as we can tell, the front camera of the smartphone will be used to take a picture of your palm and the palm scanning technology will start dropping hints if you happen to have forgotten the password in question. This essentially makes it safer than face scan actually, since people will likely have a hard time finding a clear picture of your palm anywhere! Even if someone is looking at the screen while you scan your palm in for a hint, they won't have any real idea about the password as the smartphone will only show you the hint and that too in a cryptic manner, hidden along your own palm lines. As you already know the password and the associated hint, it will be enough for you to remember it. All this sounds amazing, but we will have to wait and see how it works in the real world on release.

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