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Galaxy Note 4


Our wait is finally over, latest reports from The Korea Times confirms that the Galaxy Note 4 will be announced on September,3rd just before IFA officially begins. IFA 2014 is planned for September 5-10 in Berlin. Also, according to The Korea Times, Samsung is planning to send out media invites "Very Soon".


While IFA has been the general time for the new Galaxy Note announcement, word has it that Samsung is rushing the announcement a bit to make sure it gets a good amount of time in the media machine before Apple announces the new iPhone 6. Of course, the announcement doesn't really give us a clue as to the release window for the device.


Last year, the Galaxy Note 3 was announced September 4th, but not released until September 25th. On the other hand, Apple announced the iPhone 5S on September 10th and released it September 20th. So, jumping the gun on the announcement can only help so much when there's that big of a gap in release.



Source (Korea Times)


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