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S6 Active


Samsung is preparing for a new Galaxy S6 variant, as the Korean giant used to with every new flagship, it will get an "Active" version with tougher build. Today, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active SM-G890A has been spotted on Samsung's official User agent profile website... this still only a rumor thought.


This rumor isn't really backed-up by much information and for now the sole thing that hints at the Galaxy S6 Active is the model number. The mystery device is branded as SM-G890A, which some people speculate is very similar to the model number of the AT&T version of the S56 Active, namely SM-G870A.


Source [UAprof]

We know that the Galaxy Tab S3 is probably going to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress next month and now we have an idea about its specifications from a reliable source. GFXBench has given us info on unreleased handsets and tablets before and they have mostly been true. Going by that standard, what you see below is possibly going to be the specs that the Tab S3 will be sporting in Barcelona at the MWC 2017.

Display: 9.6-inch with 2,048×1536 pixel resolution
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 clocked at 2.1GHz/1.6GHz with Adreno 530 GPU
Internal Storage 32GB (24GB available for the users)
Camera: 12-megapixel rear camera
Android OS: Nougat 7.0
OpenGL API: OpenGL ES 3.2
OpenCL API - GPU: Open CL 2.0

Samsung, along with the rest of the OEMs have clearly minimized the number of tablets which they release now, so it can be arguably assumed that they hav no plans to release a smaller version of the Tab S3 next month like it did with the Tab S2 in certain regions. This strategy may change in the future though. Check out the screenshot below to get detailed information on what was revealed.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Nexus 5 Android 5.1 Lollipop


After seeing it running on Android One, the upcoming Android 5.1 Lollipop has been spotted running on Google's Nexus 5. The LG-made Nexus 5 device running Android version 5.1 appeared on Geekbench. Google seems to be testing Android 5.1 on at it's Nexus line-up.


It's pretty clear that Android 5.1 will see a wider release, possibly starting with the Nexus smartphones and tablets. What's still a mystery is when to expect the updates to this version to start rolling out.


android one


As Android 5.1 is already up and running on the Android One platform, it's probably only a matter of weeks before we see it on the Nexus line. As for any other devices, how fast they get it will depend on the companies that made them and how quickly they move.




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