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Before any confusion is created, let me clear things out by saying that we are talking about the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 here and not the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 or any other new Note device. "FE" will reportedly stand for "Fan Edition," according to rumors and leaks, but this is the same Galaxy Note 7 from 2016 which we fell in love with first, but learned to fear later on. Thankfully (and hopefully!) it will not only feature a completely different battery from the ones that started to catch fire, but will actually be a smaller 3,200mAh cell just to be extra safe.

Those of us that loved the smartphone and are enjoying the idea that it will be re-released with a 30% price-cut in certain regions, will feel safer knowing that the "new" Note 7 handsets might feature a "R" mark at the bottom right corner to indicate that it is indeed a refurbished device (meaning safe). None of this has yet been confirmed by Samsung as expected, but check out the photos and you will feel pretty convinced that the news reports are on point.

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