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If you're still wondering when to expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on store shelves in your particular country, this is clearly for you. The Korean company has posted an image of a map with a release timeline attached to it on its Facebook page.


By quickly scanning it, you'll be able to know whether you'll see the Note 4 in your country by November 5th, or if you'll have to wait some more.


Note 4


It is true however that in some territories those dots are very much obscuring the places they're on top of, so for certain countries the Note 4's release date may still require a guessing game. And it doesn't help that some of the dots have incredibly similar colors.


On the other hand, it appears that Canada will get it on October 17th. For the UK, we might be looking at October 10th as the launch date, while most of Western Europe should have it available a week later, on October 17th.





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