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Oracle is a database company that had sued Google back in 2010 for alleged copyright infringement on Java APIs. Google on the other hand, had held that APIs cannot be copyrighted and therefore, are exempt from the alleged violations. Things did not go in favor of the search engine giant as Oracle won the lawsuit in 2014. Google took the fight to the highest level at the Supreme Court, but once again, the earlier court decision remained in effect without change.

Although Oracle did win the case against Google, the amount of compensation that Google must pay to Oracle is still being decided. As the six year long fight between the two corporations continue to rage on, Oracle's attorney has recently claimed that Android has turned up a revenue of about $31 billion and a profit of roughly $22 billion for Google so far.

Google does not like to go public with their financial reports in respect to Android. Therefore, this revelation is in direct conflict with their business policies. Google responded to this by stating that the "extremely sensitive" financial information was revealed to the attorney for legal purposes only and its public disclosure could impact their business in a negative way. The attorney in question however, has pointed out "the extraordinary magnitude of commerciality," via the disclosure.



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