[APK Download] Android Gmail App v5.6 brings New Major Functionalities and some UI Changes

17 September, 2015 App Updates



Gmail App for Android has been update to version 5.6 with some major changes and more Material Design UI. The Update brings new functionality and improvements based on feedback from users.


Gmail now allows users to view all their recent conversations with a contact by tapping on it's avatar. The gesture also reveals the contact information.




Gmail for Android now offers more reliable support for IMAP accounts. Google has made adding new accounts a "smoother experience." Google will begin rolling out the new Gmail app over the next few days.


Official Gmail 5.6 Change-log highlights:
• Improved support for Yahoo and Microsoft accounts including support for two step verification and account recovery.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.


If you don't want to wait for the update to hit your device from the Play Store, you can download the official Gmail 5.5 APK from the link below, it's 100% safe to install, signed by Google to install and hasn't been modified by any mean.


Gmail for Android 5.6 [APK]



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