[APK Download] WhatsApp for Android 2.12.138 released with more Material Design and Bug fixes

19 June, 2015 App Updates

whatsapp material design 2.2


The latest WhatsApp version 2.12.138 for Android packs even more Material Design UI to follow Google's Latest UI Guidelines and various bug fixes too.




WhatsApp did a really good job here. Functionally, nothing is different so you don't have to re-teach your parents or tech-challenged friends how to use the app or find a certain option. It's pretty in all the right ways that Material is, but not overbearing, with delightful animations.


From the transparent status bar, to the menu bar that expands and collapses when you scroll down, to the new iconography, there are lots of changes to take in, so let's look around.




You can Download the New WhatsApp 2.12.138 Official APK below, if you don't want to wait until the update reaches your Android device via Google Play Store.



WhatsApp 2.12.138 [APK]


WhatsApp 2.12.138 [Play]



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