Apple's mini iPad has a 7.85" Retina display, Will Compete with Nexus 7 [Photos]

5 July, 2012 Apple

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The Chinese tech blog that keeps on giving revelations about the new iPhone and the eventual smaller iPad, has obtained pics from an iGadget case maker, which purportedly depict the chassis parts for this rumored iPad Mini. This upcoming device is Apple's reply to the Google Nexus 7.


ipad mini


While the blueish logo looks quite off, and we can't vouch for the credibility of the images, in addition the component supply sources have now said that the iPad Mini might sport a Retina Display after all, as in no less than 326ppi.


ipad mini


At the rumored 7.85" size, 326ppi means double the vertical and horizontal resolution of the iPad 2, whereas yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that the smaller mini-iPad will feature the same 1024x768 resolution as Apple's second generation tablet.



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