Exclusive Screenshots of the HTC Sense 7 with Material Design on Android 5.0 Lollipop

27 October, 2014 HTC

HTC Sense 7


More Screenshots from HTC Sense 7 UI has been leaked, we got two screenshots via an Anonymous Tip. The source claims that HTC is working on developing the Sense 7 UI with Material Design on the latest Lollipop Developer Preview as a preparation for the final version release. Sense 7 UI is still unfinished and under-development.


Looks like HTC will release a whole new version of Sense (7.0) for a whole new version of Android (5.0). However, We don't have any confirmation regarding the authenticity of these screenshots, it could be a very very early Sense 7 build, or not!


HTC Sense 7 Material UI


The HTC Sense 7 UI has almost the same style and icons as the Sense 6 but with a little Material touch. Software keys background will change its color according to the App accent color which as a gorgeous touch to the User Interface, unlike the current Sense 6 which makes the Software keys almost black on most Apps. These screenshots were taken from an HTC One M8 device, we didn't get screenshots from the Homscreen, App drawer, lockscreen or the Notifications bar yet.


- UPDATE (Oct,28): The 2nd screenshot (below) is from an App that is not related to HTC (Widget Reborn beta), Our source Apologizes for it and clarifies that he was demonstrating how Sense 7 UI can adjust with any Material-optimized App. Sense 7 UI will color the software keys and upper notification bar with the App's default accent color which is in this case (Dark green). This is Not HTC Sense 7 UI Battery History.


HTC sense 7 settings vs app


As a coincidence, HTC Sense 7 settings menu has the same default color as the App but a little lighter. Our source also said that Sense 7 will have themes (like Sense 6) that changes the accent color of the whole UI (the default is light green).


HTC Sense 7 Material UI


HTC promised that it will deliver Lollipop OTA update to its One M8 and One M7 in exactly 90 days after Google release the final version (November,3rd). Stay Tuned for More Info!



Thanks for the Tip Anon!


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