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22 March, 2014 Galaxy S7

s5 exp

Samsung is allowing customers to try out the Galaxy S5 in various stores in select markets. However, in case you can't visit a store that has the S5 on display, Samsung officially launched a Galaxy S5 Experience App that "provides interactive introduction on Galaxy S5 and Wearable Devices." on the play store for any Android device.



s5 exp


Don't expect the app to work as if you're actually playing with a real Galaxy S5. This is merely a walkthrough of the main features that you'll find on the new smartphone, including its camera, the S Health app, the Ultra Power battery saving mode, and so on.



S5 EXP App Features:


  • GALAXY S5 Feature Experience mode - Interactive experience modes offered in an intuitive way.
  • GALAXY S5 Hands on Video - Video clips of key features (linked to YouTube).
  • GALAXY S5 Design Preview - Experience design with different colors and angles.
  • Wearable Device(Gear2 and Fit) - Introduction of Gear 2 and Fit main features.
  • GALAXY S5 Accessories introduction - Introduction of GALAXY S5's key accessories.



You can download the Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience App for free from the Google Play link below.




download s5 exp





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