FireFox OS is going to launch in 5 countries

16 April, 2013 Applications


Mozilla's upcoming smartphone, outfitted with the new Firefox OS is said to be coming to other places first before it can come to the US. Emerging markets will be first among those who would love to get their hands on the all-new Firefox OS.

The smartphone OS will be available in Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Portugal and in Poland. These countries will get to test the maiden launch of the Firefox OS by Mozilla, according to Gary Kovacs, Mozilla's CEO. By year-end, more countries will get to experience the smartphone OS.

On the other hand, US and Europe will probably get to try it after this year, possibly first quarter of 2014. The reason for this is that Mozilla chose to focus on emerging markets, that are much easier to penetrate than compete with existing platforms and high-end devices in US and Europe, namely Android and IOS. This could be a double-edged sword for Mozilla, since emerging markets can actually build the hype for the US and European markets to follow OR this may also become a reason for these markets to get bored waiting for the platform to come to their shores.

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