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Google's Motorola today announced the upcoming launch of Moto X - the company's brand new flagship Android smartphone.

Moto X offers you that choice. It's designed by you, responds to you and is made for you by Motorola, a Google company. Once you turn it on, it's all yours. And every Moto X sold in the USA is assembled right here in the USA.

With the best of Google services baked in, Moto X helps you get everyday tasks done quickly and with less fuss. But it's also designed to sip battery, not chug it, so it will go all day and into the night.

Moto X Features

  • a 4.7 inch HD (1280 x 720) display
  • Motorola's own X8 Mobile Computing System (also featured by Verizon's new Droids) - this includes a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro applications processor, and a quad-core Adreno 320 GPU
  • Android 4.2.2 - curious, since Android 4.3 is already out
  • Touchless Control - enabling users to "do just about anything" via voice command
  • NFC
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 10MP ClearPixel rear camera with improved low-light performance and fast capture time
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • 2,200 mAh battery

Press Release


According to SamMobile, Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine, will receive the Galaxy S 4 Exynos 5 Octa variant but other areas in Europe will receive the Snapdragon version, which runs on 1.6 GHz. The Snapdragon version will also be available in Eastern Europe, so people can choose between the two variants.

Furthermore, Samsung will classify each as 3G- and 4G-capable, so plenty of people will have equal chance of acquiring either of the two, as long as one is willing to wait for a couple more weeks.

In other S 4 news, the FCC reveals that an Exynos version released in Korea has clocked in at 1.8 GHz. Other news may have reported similar or a slightly slower speed than the Snapdragon version, but now that FCC confirms a 1.8 GHz benchmark for the Korean S 4, demand for the Exynos version could go higher. Two weeks from now, the S 4 will all be shipped out and some of these rumors will surely be set straight.

  • Galaxy S4 3G 16 GB - Black Mist - Week 16
  • Galaxy S4 3G 16 GB - White Frost - Week 16
  • Galaxy S4 3G 32 GB - Bl ack Mist - DROPPED
  • Galaxy S4 3G 32 GB - White Frost - DROPPED
  • Galaxy S4 3G 64 GB - Black Mist - Week 24
  • Galaxy S4 3G 64 GB - White Frost - Week 24
  • Galaxy S4 LTE 16 GB - Black Mist - Week 21
  • Galaxy S4 LTE 16 GB - White Frost - Week 21
  • Galaxy S4 LTE 32 GB - Black Mist - DROPPED
  • Galaxy S4 LTE 32 GB - White Frost - DROPPED
  • Galaxy S4 LTE 64 GB - Black Mist - Week 24
  • Galaxy S4 LTE 64 GB - White Frost - Week 24

Source: SamMobile

The Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. All your music is stored online, so no need to worry about syncing or storage space.


Google Play music has been updated to cover new countries including Australia - Austria -Belgium - France - Germany - Ireland - Italy - Luxembourg - New Zealand - Portugal - Spain - United States and United Kingdom.

Folks in these country and go and download the Music Manager and start uploading music files from your computer to the Google Play.



* Music purchases from Google Play automatically appear in the app.
* Add up to 20,000 more songs from your personal music collection on your computer for free.
* Access your entire music library instantly with the Google Play Music app, and save your favorites for offline playback.
* Share a free full play of the songs you purchase from Google Play with your friends on Google+.

Google Play Store Link



Mozilla's upcoming smartphone, outfitted with the new Firefox OS is said to be coming to other places first before it can come to the US. Emerging markets will be first among those who would love to get their hands on the all-new Firefox OS.

The smartphone OS will be available in Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Portugal and in Poland. These countries will get to test the maiden launch of the Firefox OS by Mozilla, according to Gary Kovacs, Mozilla's CEO. By year-end, more countries will get to experience the smartphone OS.

On the other hand, US and Europe will probably get to try it after this year, possibly first quarter of 2014. The reason for this is that Mozilla chose to focus on emerging markets, that are much easier to penetrate than compete with existing platforms and high-end devices in US and Europe, namely Android and IOS. This could be a double-edged sword for Mozilla, since emerging markets can actually build the hype for the US and European markets to follow OR this may also become a reason for these markets to get bored waiting for the platform to come to their shores.

Source: AllthingsD

Hungary and Lesotho are the latest to join the Google Street View. The last time that the app was updated, a total of 50 countries are already included with 350,000 miles of streets and roads in images. It is one of the biggest single updates to happen so far.

Coverage in Poland and Romania has also been expanded and other locations were also included to make sure more people will be able to access the app and find it convenient. Other countries, whose roads and streets have also been added, were also mentioned in the news from the Google blog.

This is useful for those who are interested in virtual tourism and for those who are planning on their itineraries prior to going to a particular city. Street View on Google Maps will surely be relevant to those who love to travel and experience adventures off the beaten path. It is expected to expand to more countries and provide better photos of interesting streets and points of destination and tourism.

Obviously, the Galaxy S4 is a very popular handset with the Android crowd, so if you're curios to find out more details about the handset, check out our Galaxy S4 review (video available above).

Google Maps Blog



Great news Google Music fans, Google Play Music All Access is now available in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

You can now Sign Up for a 30 day trial, followed by a special locked in price of £7.99/month for being an early subscriber. Normal price will be £9.99 after this initial deal expires on 15th September.

Those of you waiting for this service on iOS still don't have a clear picture as to hen the app will arrive, but judging by the fact that iTunes Match is now working almost world-wide, there might not be a need for a rush.




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