Google Inbox update to v1.1 with minor Material UI tweaks [APK Download]

3 November, 2014 App Updates



Google's Exclusive Inbox By Gmail app has been updated to version 1.1 with some more Material Design UI and bug fixes.


If you happen to be using Android 5.0, either on a shiny new Nexus device or via the developer preview, Inbox now blends the color of the action bar into the status bar. Naturally, this doesn't work on older versions of Android.


inbox 1.1


The slide-out navigation menu now covers the action bar when it fires. Google has been somewhat haphazard in deciding where the menu and the bar sit in the Z-order of the app's visual layout; presumably someone made a push for more consistency.


Get Inbox v1.1 official APK from the link below. You'll still need an invitation to make this App work.




Google Inbox 1.1 [APK]



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