How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat Game at Las Atlantis Casino?

19 May, 2021 Gaming


Playing baccarat online for real money is one of the most interesting things you can ever do. The game is not only fun but also lets you win a withdrawable amount. Powered by the Visionary iGaming software provider, you can access Baccarat through Las Atlantis Casino for an explosive gaming experience. The Las Atlantis Casino is among the few platforms that offer you the chance to play the live dealer version of the game. This guide covers all the important details you need to know about the game and how you can go about playing it. Keep reading to learn more.


How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat Game at Las Atlantis Casino?


What You Should Know About Live Dealer Baccarat

The rise in popularity of live dealer baccarat games has gained popularity over the years. The game entails playing baccarat online with a human dealer as opposed to a randomly generated computer number.


The live dealer baccarat is possible because Las Atlantis Casino uses software that makes it possible to live stream the game. As such, the casino broadcasts dealers who play with digital chips. Internet costs have gone down in recent times, making it possible for the casino to offer the most reliable access method to its streamed games.


Playing Live Dealer Baccarat at Las Atlantis Casino

Playing the game online does not differ from the way you would play it at a land-based casino. Probably what may be different is the signup process. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Step 1: Create an account at the casino

To begin with, visit the casino's signup page and click on the "Create Account Now" link. This redirects you to a new page where you provide basic details such as email, username, and password. Click "NEXT" to finish up the account creation steps by filling in personal and billing details.


With the account created and verified, you are set to start gaming live dealer baccarat like a professional.

  • Step 2: Deposit gaming funds

You will have to deposit funds before you can play the live dealer baccarat at the casino. Funds are deposited at the Cashier section of the casino.


With that done, choose your preferred live baccarat variation.

  • Step 3: Deal two hands

When the live environment launches, you will be able to see a dealer. This is a real person streamed to your screen from a remote location. Depending on the game setting, you may even be able to talk to them.


The dealer will deal you two hands, one for the player and the other for the banker.

  • Step 4: Watch out the game development

Three things can happen once in the live dealer environment and deal with your card:

  1. The banker could win
  2. The player could win
  3. The banker and the player tie

The winning hand is closest to nine. This can happen either for the banker or the player. A tie in baccarat happens when the hands bear the same value.


Playing modes

Playing modes


When playing the live dealer baccarat, you would have to choose your desired playing mode.

  1. Single-player - This is the most popular model. All that you have to do is predict the winning hand and wait for surprise prizes. Given the basic model of this approach, we recommend that new players start here.
  2. Multi-seat baccarat - The mode entails several positions at the table. It has the most thrilling experience as you play more than one hand per round. In the long run, it increases the amounts of potential wins.

From these two modes, you can have several other gaming modes for the live dealer baccarat, including:

  • Speed baccarat - Same playing rules of the game are maintained, except that it is played at top-notch speed.
  • Baccarat squeeze - The dealer takes longer to reveal cards, thus creating more suspense.
  • Baccarat controlled squeeze - The player is given control over the baccarat squeeze action.
  • Mini baccarat - This is a stripped-down version of the overall baccarat game.


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