Infinity Display for the Galaxy S8?

3 March, 2017 Samsung

The Galaxy S8 and the S8+ will most certainly feature curved Quad HD Super AMOLED displays which will have the highest screen-to-body ratio ever on a Samsung smartphone. However, what will the company be calling that screen? According to a report by SamMobile, it will be known as the "Infinity Display." Check out the screenshot below for more details about the patent.

This piece of information was leaked out after Samsung officially filed a USPTO trademark application just recently. Although the language used in the patent filing isn't particularly elaborate, we can make out that it serves to trademark the Infinity Display terminology for mobile phones. We had heard about the Infinity Display a long time ago and knew it was coming, but this confirms it. If you are wondering how we know that this is indeed the chosen name for the borderless display which will be accompanying the S8 series of smartphones when they are unveiled on the 29th, let's just call it an educated guess for now.

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