January 17, 2019 - Samsung Firmware Daily Updates

16 January, 2019 Samsung Updates


Mid-range devices and older smartphones are topping the list today, but that's good news if you have any of the devices of course. In case you are new to flashing firmware updates with Odin 3, do check out the tutorial we have for you right here.

Device Name Model Region Version OS Version Build Date Download
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (LTE) SM-T555 AUT T555XXU1CRG1 7.1.1 23.07.2018  Download
Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) SM-G965F AFG G965FXXU2CSA2 9 07.01.2019  Download
Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) SM-G965F PAK G965FXXU2CSA2 9 07.01.2019  Download
SM-A600FN SM-A600FN MAX A600FNXXU3ARJ1 8.0.0 01.10.2018  Download
Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) SM-G965F SEK G965FXXU2CSA2 9 07.01.2019  Download
Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) SM-G965F MID G965FXXU2CSA2 9 07.01.2019  Download
Galaxy A5 (SM-A500F) SM-A500F ATO A500FXXU1CRH2 6.0.1 27.08.2018  Download
Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F) SM-A520F PRT A520FXXU7CRK7 8.0.0 28.11.2018  Download
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360F) SM-G360F AUT G360FXXS1BRK1 5.0.2 06.11.2018  Download
Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (SM-J106B) SM-J106B COO J106BUBS0ARE1 6.0.1 14.05.2018  Download
Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) SM-G965F SEE G965FXXU2CSA2 9 07.01.2019  Download
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F LUX G935FXXS3ERLF 8.0.0 25.12.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F NEE G930FXXS3ESA2 8.0.0 07.01.2019  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F SEE G930FXXS3ERLF 8.0.0 26.12.2018  Download
SM-T819Y SM-T819Y XXV T819YDXU2BRK3 7.0 22.11.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F XEU G935FXXS3ERLF 8.0.0 25.12.2018  Download
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) SM-N950F XEO N950FXXS5CSA1 8.0.0 02.01.2019  Download
Galaxy S9 (SM-G960N) SM-G960N KTC G960NKSU1CRLL 9 27.12.2018  Download
SM-J810M SM-J810M ZTA J810MUBU2ARJ2 8.0.0 16.10.2018  Download
Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE SM-N916L LUC N916LKLU2DRK2 6.0.1 22.11.2018  Download


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