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January 5, 2019 - Samsung Firmware Daily Updates

4 January, 2019 Samsung Updates


The latest and greatest Android updates for your Samsung smartphones for the day are here. Just make sure that you know how to flash the firmware updates onto your device manually with Odin3 and you are all set. Here's a tutorial, in case you don't already know. Just find your device from the list below and you are good to go.

Device Name Model Region Version OS Version Build Date Download
Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955F TEN G955FXXU4CRL3 8.0.0 04.12.2018  Download
Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915FY) SM-N915FY DBT N915FYXXS1DRI2 6.0.1 25.09.2018  Download
Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955F TOP G955FXXU4CRL3 8.0.0 04.12.2018  Download
Galaxy S5 Mini (Dual-Sim) SM-G800H CHO G800HXXS1CRL2 6.0.1 04.12.2018  Download
SM-J610G SM-J610G PVT J610GUBU1ARK5 8.1.0 16.11.2018  Download
SM-J810M SM-J810M TMM J810MUBU2ARJ2 8.0.0 16.10.2018  Download
Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F) SM-A510F PLS A510FXXU7CRK1 7.0 29.10.2018  Download
Galaxy A7 2017 (SM-A720F) SM-A720F INS A720FXXU6CRK5 8.0.0 29.11.2018  Download
Galaxy A8 SM-A530F BTC A530FXXU3BRL2 8.0.0 04.12.2018  Download
Galaxy S8 SM-G950F UPO G950FXXS4CRL7 8.0.0 14.12.2018  Download
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) SM-N950F CHL N950FXXS5CRK3 8.0.0 21.11.2018  Download
Galaxy S8 SM-G950F CYV G950FXXU4CRL4 8.0.0 10.12.2018  Download
SM-A600N SM-A600N KTC A600NKSU1ARL1 8.0.0 03.12.2018  Download
Galaxy A8 SM-A530F UPO A530FXXS3BRL4 8.0.0 04.12.2018  Download
Galaxy A8 SM-A530F PRT A530FXXU3BRK3 8.0.0 12.11.2018  Download
Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F) SM-A520F CPA A520FXXS7CRL4 8.0.0 30.11.2018  Download
Galaxy A7 2017 (SM-A720F) SM-A720F UNE A720FXXU6CRJ6 8.0.0 16.10.2018  Download
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (LTE) SM-T555 DBT T555XXU1CRG1 7.1.1 23.07.2018  Download
SM-J700K SM-J700K KTC J700KKKU1ARK2 5.1.1 14.11.2018  Download
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (LTE) SM-T555 XEF T555XXU1CRG1 7.1.1 23.07.2018  Download


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