Major Bixby Updates Released

18 August, 2017 Samsung Updates

While South Korea had been enjoying the full functionalities of Bixby for a while now, the rest of the world has hardly had any taste of that whatsoever. According to a recent report by SamMobile, multiple major Bixby updates have just hit a lot of the handsets in India, UK, South Africa, Germany and Netherlands among others. Any Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus handsets in these regions should be able to update the eligible Bixby apps now.

In case you did not understand what's going on yet, then join the club, because we are not entirely sure either! From what little information is available on the matter, it looks like Samsung is updating Bixby apps on the two devices in multiple regions, but in most of them, Bixby doesn't even have voice functionalities yet. Then again, reports from Germany are indicating that Bixby Dictation is now useable in the country. As Samsung did not make any public announcement yet, the situation is quite confusing at this point of time. Do let us know if you see anything worth mentioning.

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