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5 February, 2020 Technology


Subtitles are everywhere, even in places you didn't realize; they are now a standard part of the majority of videos on the internet, from social media platforms to YouTube, you can choose to have subtitles on films, streaming services and everything in between. Subtitles are a huge part of media for those who make the videos and for those who watch. They are no longer only there for people who struggle with their hearing, they are useful for everyone and we are going to tell you why.

Why Are Subtitles Important?

There are a few reasons why subtitles are important so let's look at each one. Firstly, time after time research shows that the majority of videos watched on social media platforms, for example, LinkedIn, are viewed with the sound off. More often than not, people are viewing these videos on their phone as they are sitting on the bus or train on the way to work, or they are watching them at their desk in the office; because of this, the majority of the time people do not turn on the sound, they don't want to disturb those around them and the subtitles mean that they can still enjoy the video.

Secondly, another trick that a lot of sites use is to set their videos to autoplay, again, LinkedIn is a great example of a site that does this. By setting videos to autoplay, they are not giving the user the option to scroll past and ignore it, instead, once it starts playing, the user frequently feels compelled to watch the video because their curiosity has been piqued and they want to know what it is about, how it ends or something similar. Having videos that autoplay is extremely smart, and since they are always set to autoplay on mute with subtitles, it causes less of a disturbance to the viewer, and they are more inclined to get invested in the video - muted videos with subtitles are essential to getting the viewer to stay longer.

Finally, of course, subtitles make the videos more accessible to those who have hearing impairments on any scale. If you don't include subtitles in your videos then you excluding an entire group of people, people who could well be part of your target audience, people who might never get to learn what your videos are about because they have no way of knowing, and you could inadvertently exclude hundreds or thousands of people. Always include subtitles on any video then you can be sure that you are reaching everyone you possibly can.

How Do I Add Subtitles to a LinkedIn Video?

The first thing you need to do when adding subtitles to a LinkedIn video is to find the right tool for the job - and that tool is audio to text transcription service Audext. Audext is a piece of software that carries out audio to text transcription, so your subtitles can be written for you with very little effort on your part. Gone are the days of tirelessly pausing videos as you try to keep up with what the speaker is saying, never again will creating subtitles feel like an overwhelming task. Subtitles are vital for captivating an audience and reaching people who might otherwise be missed, and Audext ensures that you have completely faultless subtitles every single time without you having to compromise with your own free time. Once you have the transcript of the subtitles, they can simply be added to the video in one quick step. Because of this software, the process for adding subtitles has been made unbelievably uncomplicated.

Why Audext is Right for You?

Audext is one of the fastest and most efficient transcription tools available and is far more advanced than its competitors. With Audext you can not only have your audio transcribed but it also automatically matches the audio to the text. Additionally, you can edit any text in the editor afterward, and again the audio matches up for you. The audio to text abilities of Audext even goes so far as being able to recognize individual speakers based on speech patterns and structures.

In a world full of transcription services, Audext consistently stands out head and shoulders above the rest and is the perfect tool for creating your subtitles quickly, easily, and most importantly, accurately.


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