Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hidden Settings

22 August, 2013 Samsung

If you're running a rooted Galaxy Note II or Galaxy S 4 and want easy access to some things that normally require manually editing system files, we've got the app for you. It's called Note 2 Hidden Settings, and does exactly what you'd expect: offers access to otherwise hidden system settings.


This app enables you to easily change hidden settings on your Note 2 (or other Samsung device), such as:

• Adding a shutter sound on/off option to the camera
• Turning on Infinite Scroll mode on the launcher and app drawer
• Extending how many contacts you can join together

These modifications normally can only be made by manually editing a system file, which can be dangerous and very inconvenient. This app makes the process quick and painless.


• Shows which options have already been enabled, even by a different app or manually
• Creates an automatic backup in case something goes wrong
• Nice looking Holo interface
• Supports devices which implement feature.xml or an others.xml file

Note: App is not compatible with AOSP roms.

Tested devices:

• Verizon Note 2
• International Note 2
• Galaxy S4
• International Note 1

If the app isn't working or if you have any other questions, please email the developer and a fix will be on the way.

Source: Google Play Store Link




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