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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active revealed

31 March, 2016 Samsung

Unlike most of the leaks and rumors that we usually get to know about, this one was accidentally leaked by one of Samsung's own applications. Samsung Level is an app that is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Galaxy S7 Active is clearly mentioned as one of the supported devices in the description section. Now that the discovery has been made, the question is what else could the S7 Active bring to the table that the S7 does not already have?

Anyone who is familiar with Samsung's Active line of smartphones knows that they are usually waterproof, dustproof and overall tougher versions of the current flagship handsets from Samsung. This is a trend that was made popular with the Galaxy S4 Active and it has since been continued. What has spiked our interest in the matter is that the S7 is already quite resistant to liquids and dust to begin with and has more or less been endowed with most of the features that one would expect from the South Korean giant's Active line-up.

If we were to assume that this was not a mistake and the S7 Active is actually coming, then we will probably see a larger battery and both the capacitive navigation buttons would most likely be replaced with physical buttons. Other changes might include a more robust casing and greater water and dust resistance rating that's even higher than that of the S7. We will keep you posted as more facts come under the limelight.



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