Samsung Galaxy S8 with a stylus?

29 December, 2016 Samsung

In a rumor that originated in China and was found on Weibo, it has been mentioned that the Galaxy S8 could be sporting a stylus, just like the Galaxy Note series. It goes as far as to claim that although planned initially as an integrated part of the phone, Samsung has since instead decided to sell the digital pen as an accessory. It cannot be denied that if some of the earlier rumors turn out to be true, then we could be looking at a 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus with a nearly bezel-less display and that would certainly be more than enough space to use a S-Pen on. However, there is a logical contradiction to this theory/rumor.

According to an official report by Reuters around two months ago, the next Note is indeed coming. Unless Samsung has changed its decision and has decided to discontinue the Note line-up this year, I cannot see any logic behind launching the S8 with stylus support. The S-Pen is one of the main additions that had previously set the two flagships apart from each other and thus the name, "Note." What do you think? Would you like to see the S8 Plus with stylus support?

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