The Note is not dead yet: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming

25 October, 2016 Samsung

We have good news for all fans of the Galaxy Note series of smartphones out there, the Note 8 is coming in 2017. In contrast to what reports straight out of South Korea had been saying, Samsung has confirmed today that the Note 8 is indeed going to be launched next year. According to Reuters, the special Note 7 exchange program employed in South Korea will not only include the Galaxy S8, but also the Galaxy Note 8, when they come out. The affected Note 7 customers who opt for the plan will be able to exchange their replacement S7/S7 Edge and have the new S8 or Note 8 at half the price.

Although we are calling it the Note 8, there is a high chance that the next flagship in the series may adopt a brand new moniker due to two reasons. The first reason is that the Note branding is tarnished at this point due to the Note 7 disaster and opting for a fresh start may not be such a bad idea. Secondly, Samsung did release a "Note 8" tablet back in 2013 already. The report also debunks the rumor that Samsung will concentrate on just one flagship smartphone this year to reduce the pressure of meeting timelines, in favour of incorporating a more rigorous security and safety check before releasing a smartphone.

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