Samsung Rolls Out Update to Fix Bluetooth Issue on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

30 May, 2017 Samsung Updates

The Galaxy S8 has been an iconic smartphone for Samsung due to multiple reasons and those reasons are not only limited to the design language. The S8 marked Samsung's first foray into flagship territory after the infamous Note 7 disaster and a lot rested on its success. It did turn out to be a success as reports are coming in now to indicate that the S8 might be selling five times faster than the S7! Then there's of course the design language with its huge yet surprisingly manageable 18.5:9 bezel-less display and removal of the Home button to make it possible. However, it has not been all good either.

The Galaxy S8 has been plagued with criticisms for its smallish battery size and weirdly placed fingerprint scanner to begin with and then it was followed up by a series of problems like the red tint issue, the restarting problems and a whole bunch of other small yet disruptive bugs in the software. Even the famed iris scanner turned out to be quite easy to fool and Bixby was half-baked (to say the least) at release.

The good news is that Samsung has eventually taken care of most of those problems and will continue to take care of them with software updates as and if more pop up. The latest of those updates solved an issue with the S8/S8 Plus where the smartphones restarted themselves while playing audio via Bluetooth. While it can be argued that the S8 seems rushed and you would not be wrong to think so given the circumstances, it is also true that any more delay would have surely hurt the sales and it would have been very hard for Samsung to stay on schedule for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

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