Samsung Z2 with Tizen OS seen in a leaked video

1 August, 2016 Samsung

We found a video on the YouTube channel named TIZEN Indonesia which shows us leaked footage of the upcoming Samsung Z2 for a brief period of about 33 seconds. Check out the video and you will even see the already released Z1 and Z3 beside the upcoming Z2. All the three Tizen-powered smartphones seem to be running an app named Unity on screen.

Although we are happy to see live footage of the unreleased Z2 in action, the quality of the video leaves something to be desired though. Also, we did not get a look at the back of the device. It wasn't really revealed in the video, but most of us are expecting the Samsung Z2 to be powered by 1GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, a 2,000 mAh battery and a 4.5-inch display. The device will of course be powered by the Tizen OS 3.0 and will possibly be made available for purchase in Asia and parts of Africa.

Apart from the Tizen OS 3.0 though, the hardware specs are nothing to write home about and they are a bit disappointing to be honest. However, we are used to seeing budget devices with low-end hardware configurations from Samsung by now.

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