T-mobile has started rolling out the update that will officially “kill” the Galaxy Note 7

28 December, 2016 Samsung Updates

Originally supposed to go live on December 19, the "killer" update has now been set in motion by T-Mobile. This makes T-Mobile the first carrier in the US to release the fatal OTA file for the Note 7 smartphones. The firmware comes with the build number N930TUVU2APL2. All the other major carriers like AT&T, Sprint and even Verizon will start to roll the same update out to the potentially dangerous handsets from January 5.

Just in case you are not aware of what it will do to your phone; consider this a warning. The update will disconnect the phone from cellular network; therefore, it won't function as a phone anymore. Additionally, the user will now be unable to remove a notification from the panel which will constantly remind the user that he/she needs to turn in the device right now. As a final measure, it will even prevent the battery from taking in any charge at all, essentially turning the Note 7 into an expensive brick.

Our advice would be to get an exchange/refund as soon as possible. The Note 7 will not receive any more updates until you install this one. Since Samsung has suffered tremendous losses both in terms of prestige and finances by taking this decision of recalling (twice) and permanently discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7, you can imagine what a threat it must be to user safety. Additionally, check out Instrumental's explanation of the reason behind why the Note 7 is prone to explosions so much. It clearly shows how easy it is to accidentally set the phone on fire, even while in your pocket.

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