Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded: Instrumental explains

5 December, 2016 Samsung

Samsung is yet to declare the official reason as to why a number of their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones started to explode all around the world which led to two recalls and a subsequent discontinuation of the device. However, that hasn't stopped Instrumental from publishing a report on what they believe is the real reason behind the Note 7's hazardous behaviour.

According to them, it's the race to be the slimmest phone around that got the Galaxy Note 7. Simply put, the capacity of the battery was too big to be encased in such a small and slim casing. Apparently, the two separator layers of polymer found within the Note 7's battery was too thin to keep the negative (graphite) and the positive (lithium cobalt oxide) layer apart from each other, even under normal circumstances like pressure from being in a tight pocket. It is only natural that if the positive and the negative layers ever came into direct contact with each other, that would continue to generate heat until the entire phone exploded into flames.

They also went on to state that the engineers at Samsung definitely knew there would be some risk associated with choosing design over safety here, but went with it anyway. A smaller battery would have been safer, but it wouldn't be enough to power the beastly specs which the Note 7 boasted of. A race to release the smartphone prior to the Apple iPhone 7 might have also contributed to the cause, given that we are guessing the batteries did not go through sufficient testing to be branded as "safe."

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