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The Galaxy Note 7 is making a Comeback and its Official

29 March, 2017 Samsung

Samsung has now confirmed what the rumors were speculating for months now; the Galaxy Note 7 is coming back. On their official blog, Samsung mentioned that the millions (4.3 million) of Note 7 smartphones recalled during the infamous call back will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. The procedure will involve three of the following methods.

1. Refurbished variants of the Note 7 smartphones will be reintroduced in certain regions as rental phones.

2. Components and parts from the rest of the units will be removed and reused in new smartphones.

3. The metal and the other non-technical components will be removed and reused as well in a way that doesn't impact the environment.

In case you are wondering if the refurbished Note 7 is coming to your country, let us inform you that Samsung has mentioned it to be only a possibility if the local authorities permit it and demand for the phone is high enough in the region. Also, it has been confirmed that Samsung won't be releasing these units in the US. This answers the question asked by Greenpeace during the MWC in February, concerning what the company's plans were regarding the discarded Note 7 handsets.

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