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Apparently there has been a business arrangement made in between Nokia Technologies, Microsoft, HMD Global and Foxconn that will see Nokia come back into the smartphone business under HMD Global, a fellow Finnish corporation. However, Nokia will enjoy significant control over the handsets manufactured and branded under its name. Nokia will also become a board member within HMD, in addition to setting "mandatory brand requirements and performance provisions." If you are a Nokia fan, we have more good news for you because Arto Nummela will become the head of HMD as a result of this arrangement. Nummela currently holds the position of VP at Microsoft, but hails originally as an executive of Nokia back in the day.

Nokia was the pioneer and at one point, had enjoyed the number one position in the phone business for years at a stretch. Customers used to (many still do) trust the company for quality, innovation, service and durability and it would be interesting to see if this joint venture can bring the same things to consumers with their upcoming Android smartphones. Since HMD Global is basically run by ex-Nokia executives, the chance of that happening seems good right now. Things aren't looking good for Microsoft though as this news once again shows that the mighty software giant is almost on the verge of giving up on their smartphone business.

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Samsung has now confirmed what the rumors were speculating for months now; the Galaxy Note 7 is coming back. On their official blog, Samsung mentioned that the millions (4.3 million) of Note 7 smartphones recalled during the infamous call back will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. The procedure will involve three of the following methods.

1. Refurbished variants of the Note 7 smartphones will be reintroduced in certain regions as rental phones.

2. Components and parts from the rest of the units will be removed and reused in new smartphones.

3. The metal and the other non-technical components will be removed and reused as well in a way that doesn't impact the environment.

In case you are wondering if the refurbished Note 7 is coming to your country, let us inform you that Samsung has mentioned it to be only a possibility if the local authorities permit it and demand for the phone is high enough in the region. Also, it has been confirmed that Samsung won't be releasing these units in the US. This answers the question asked by Greenpeace during the MWC in February, concerning what the company's plans were regarding the discarded Note 7 handsets.

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Samsung is the leading smartphone business right now, but there was a time when Motorola was the undisputed king of smartphones, before being dethroned by Nokia. While that time may have truly come and gone, the Moto RAZR continues to be one of the most iconic smartphones of all time for more reasons than one. If you were lucky enough to have used a Moto RAZR back in the day and you secretly regret not having anything similar available for purchase today, we have good news for you. According to multiple sources, most notably the Wall Street Journal, a new Moto RAZR is all set to be released, but as an Android smartphone this time around! While the report is still shrouded in mystery, go through the following to know everything that has been rumored and reported about the upcoming Moto Razr so far.

·        It will feature a foldable display, instead of the bottom half being a keypad

·        The first batch of 200,000 units might be exclusive to the US and only Verizon at that

·        The price of the smartphone is expected to be around the $1,500 mark

·        It could launch next month, i.e. in February

Personally, I can't wait to experience this device first hand, provided Lenovo doesn't end up ruining it, because that is a highly likely scenario here.

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