The Galaxy Note 8 Will Cost You a Million!

2 September, 2017 Samsung

No it's not a typo and yes, the price will indeed come to around a million when the Note 8 is released in South Korea. However, that's one million Korean Won and not dollars (thankfully!). How much does that amount to in dollars? Well, close to around $890, which is actually cheaper than the price of its unlocked version in the US, which is currently set at $930! Although it's not exactly a million dollars, paying nearly a thousand dollars for a smartphone which will become outdated in a few months' time does seem quite expensive. Nevertheless, that doesn't seem to stop Samsung from expecting superb sales numbers all across the globe. Then again, they are probably right and a whole lot of people will be paying that price happily for the Galaxy Note 8.

If you ask me though, I may tell you to buy the cheaper Galaxy S8+ instead. Sure, it has 2GB of RAM less than the Note 8 and it certainly doesn't have a stylus, but most of us will likely never really need the 6GB RAM or the stylus. Don't misunderstand me! The stylus is great for the creative and artistic ones among us, but if you are not, then what exactly are you going to do with it anyway? The dual camera makes a strong point though because it does indeed have some advantages over the S8+'s camera, however, the S8 and the S8+ also sport amazing imaging capabilities. It's up to you, but do take a hard look at your options before making the commitment.

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