The Nexus 6p scratch and bend test - FAILED

3 November, 2015 Google

Remember the #Bendgate? Well apparently the method has still not died down and the new Nexus 6P is the latest phablet to come under scrutiny. A questionable YouTube video from user "JerryRigEverything" now claims that the Nexus 6P is laughable, showing how the handset miserably fails bend, scratch and burn tests.


Below, you will see the video showing the Huawei-made Google Nexus 6P being mercilessly destroyed is making waves online. This brutal video, however, doesn't accurately depict the phone's durability.


A different user, meanwhile, decided to do a different kind of test, using actual weights to try to bend a new Nexus 6P whose screen did not suffer any other kind of prior damage. Max Lee improvised a bending rig, using different weights to determine the level of pressure the Nexus 6P can withstand.


Check out the videos and make your own judgement.



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