The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be recalled and replaced, again!

7 October, 2016 Samsung

When Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7, they knew that the device would be hot, but just not THIS hot! Just a few days ago, it was looking like the South Korean giant was about to leave the Note 7 recall disaster behind and move ahead, but that is not very likely as of now. After an allegedly "safe" Galaxy Note 7 caught fire right inside a Southwest Airlines plane which was leaving for Baltimore from Louisville, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has stepped in. In the words of Chairman Elliot Kaye, they are "moving expeditiously to investigate this incident." He also advised Note 7 owners to switch off their phones for now and hinted at the possibility of a refund from the manufacturer.

Samsung has withheld its statement on the matter until a full investigation regarding the incident is carried out. If it turns out that the smoking Note 7 which burned right through the carpeting of the plane is indeed a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was marked as safe, the blow to Samsung's reputation and business would be tremendous to say the least. A second recall could also cost the company a billion dollars or more, in addition to the losses it suffered during the first recall.

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